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Post  HWH ReDRuM on Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:46 pm

The Following is the ranking system which is followed by HWH. This may be ammended at any time.

Recruit (RCT): is the unofficial rank in HWH which entails a probationary period of 7 days. This is to determine if HWH is right for our new members and for the leaders to determine if HWH is right for our new members.

Rank Duties:• Change Motto
• Add proper clan tags
• Register on the site and post an introduction in the forums

Promotion:• Complete Probationary period of 7 days
• Familiarize yourself with the HWH Code of Conduct

Note: **You can skip to Sergeant Rank with changing your GT. Your GT must contain the letters HWH in Caps at the beginning of your GT. Must at least be a rank of Private to apply**

Private (PVT): is the first official rank in HWH.
Rank Duties:• Help recruits meet other HWH members
• Get familiar and active with in forums on website.

Promotion:• Have a general knowledge of ranks.

Corporal (CPL): This rank is the start of HWH members who show leadership capabilities.
Rank Duties:• Assist HWH in gaining more members. Help Recruits and Privates meet other HWH members

Promotion:• Must have attended a meeting
• Recruited 2 people into HWH
• Must know ranking structure

Sergeant (SGT): Must show a general interest in learning about HWH leadership and responsibilities. Sergeants are to set a good example and teach lower ranks about the importance of HWH procedures and duties.
Rank Duties:• Set example for lower ranks at all times
• Test corporals on ranking structure. Report to Captain when each corporal has passed
• Responsible for making sure lower ranks have registered on the website and have posted an introduction

Promotion:• Show interest in learning about leadership and responsibility within HWH
• Must have a positive record for attending meetings
• Recruited 2 people into HWH

Note: **If you got your promotion to sergeant from changing your GT, you must meet the promotion requirements of sergeant rank as well as recruiting 2 members before you can move to the next rank.**

Lieutenant (LT): With Permission from Captain or higher,
may begin having the responsibility of running practises. Must set example for ranks below them.
Rank Duties:• Attend Meetings regularly
• Work closely with lower ranks, Captains and Generals to keep members active

Promotion:• Must have positive record for attending meetings
• Know entire ranking structure
• Learn how to run meetings
• Recruited 2 people into HWH
• Must have general indication on ins and outs of running a team, from a Captain or higher
• Must show good leadership capabilities and loyalty

Captain (CPT): Captains are responsible for handling small issues. Captains need to have experience running practices and helping lower ranks get accustomed to HWH. Mainly it is the captain’s job to make sure that plans made by Generals are carried out properly and that ranks below are performing their job duties.
Rank Duties:• Attend and run meetings
• Work closely with GEN and LT to make sure all is running properly
• Assist in keeping teams active and keep members interested
• Make sure that plans made by Leaders are carried out properly

Promotion:• Complete training to be a General
• Learn how to maintain threads on forums
• Recruited 2 people into HWH
• Learn how to keep Teams active, i.e. running games/battles etc.

General (GEN): Responsibilities are wide ranged but primarily they make sure Team members are performing their duties of their ranks correctly. They are also responsible for promotions and demotions within the Team.
Rank Duties:• Attend Leadership Meetings regularly
• Supervise their Team meetings and activity.
• Maintain and update their Teams threads on the forums until Captains are trained properly to take over this job duty
• Handle problems that arise in their Team
• Make sure that all ranks are performing their job duties correctly
• Actively recruit people into HWH

Promotion:• As HWH Grows more ranks and reposibilities will be added.

*Commander/Co-Founder: This is the supreme rank of HWH. They make any and all decisions in HWH and may do so on or offline. Decisions at this rank are final. They should be treated with the upmost respect.
Rank Duties:• Responsible for promoting/demoting all ranks below them
• Run the ENTIRE Community of HWH
• Reaches out to other Clans/Communities to promote alliances and plan Clan Battles/Tournaments
• Handles Major unresolved issues in the Community

Expectations:• Makes sure HWH is an up-to date Community and is fun for all its members who are greatly valued

Comander / Co-Founder
Comander / Co-Founder

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