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Post  HWH ReDRuM on Thu Dec 23, 2010 4:26 pm

We want all to know and understand that we are here to have fun enjoy each other and kick some ass... That being said heres our Code Of Conduct

He-Man Woman Haters

•We, members of HWH, will not take part, wear the tag, or associate ourselves to the degree of membership of any other clan outside of He-Man Woman Haters.

•We will not insult or harass any member of HWH at any time, unless in good fun and taste.

•We will not cheat in any way fashion or form at any time while in public, Gamebattle matches, ladder matches, private or public tournaments etc.

•If insulted by the public, we will excercise professionalism and insult them back. Let our skills in trash talking and insulting do the talking.

•We will wear the He-Man Woman Haters tag [HWH] with PRIDE at all times.

•We understand that there is a proper chain of command structure here if we have questions or issues and we will use it.

•We underastand that there are proper ways to go about contacting the chain of command: Either by private message, email.

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